Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery includes several interventions and surgeries in and outside of the mouth.

Several techniques allow for the removal of impacted teeth such as impacted wisdom teeth or the surgical uncovering of retained canines.

Uncovering or removal of impacted teeth

There are several options for impacted or retained teeth that have not reached the gums yet.

These impacted teeth, often canines, premolars and wisdom teeth, can be surgically removed. In certain cases these teeth can also be saved by surgically uncovering them and attaching chains to them in combination with orthodontic treatments.


If root canal treatments failed, apiectomies can be the last resort to save the tooth.

A surgical opening is made that targets the root tip. Following this opening the root tip including the inflammation is removed. In most cases a tooth that would have been extracted otherwise can be saved.

Wisdom teeth

Oerative Weisheitszahnentfernung Screenshot

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the jaw and can sometimes cause troubles. Whenever these teeth cause trouble they can be surgically removed. Reasons for removal can be Caries, Dentitio difficilis (difficult eruption), Pericoronitis (inflammation), disposition as well as orthodontic reasons.


Transplantation Screenshot

In some cases teeth can be translated from one position of the mouth to the other. Considering the right timing for the root growth is key to determine if a transplation surgery can be done. Usually wisdom teeth are transplanted into the first molar position.

Mini Implants

TAD Temporary Anchorage Devices Screenshot

As additive devices for orthodontic movements mini implants can be utilized. Temporary anchorage devices usually only persist during the orthodontic treatment and will be removed after the treatment is finished.

Top or Bracket Top Anchorage
  • For orthodontists wishing for special TAD insertions please contact us. We take over all insertions for you.

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